Monday, October 26, 2009

Status of Mother in Islam - Episode II

Imam An-Nisa’I narrated with an authentic chain of transmitters from Abdullah Ibn Umar that the Prophet said: “There are three kinds of people whom Allah will not look to or purify them on the day of Resurrection, and theirs will be a painful torment. They are: the undutiful to their parents, the man-like woman and the cuckold.” The evil consequences of being undutiful to one’s parents come in one’s life before being punished in the hereafter.

When you look at any Muslim who is successful and happy in his life and ask about his treatment with his parents especially with his mother, you will find that this successful and happy person is surely one of the kindest and most dutiful to his mother. Try to find just one example of a person dutiful to his parents and Allah did not grant him success! On the other hand, try to find just one example of a person who was harsh and ungrateful to his parents and got any success or happiness in his life! Just find me a single example! It is impossible!!!! By Allah, everyone disobedient to his parents will suffer from the evil consequences of his disobedience to his parents in this life before the next. His punishment in this world will be the disobedience of his children to him.

And those who obeyed and respected their parents will get his reward in this world before the next. You may see that your young two-years old child loves you and may never eat till you begin eating. All your life, Allah will grant you peace of mind, good health, and happiness with your wife, children, and all the people around you. You shall enjoy the happiness in this world and the hereafter because of your dutifulness to your parents.

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  1. May Allah have mercy on our mothers...
    And forgive us if we have wronged them knowingly or unknowingly.